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Devx Daily News Archives : March 2010

Google Gives Flash Some Hope for The Future - 03/31/2010
7 Performance Tips For Faster SQL Queries - 03/31/2010
Gmail Becomes an App Platform - 03/31/2010
Apple Releases Completed iPhone OS 3.2 SDK - 03/30/2010
Google Planning Fix for Android Fragmentation? - 03/30/2010
Distimo Monitor Lets Developers Track Mobile Apps Across Platforms - 03/30/2010
Looking to Capitalize on the Boom in Mobile Application Development - 03/29/2010
Early iPad Apps To Cost Twice As Much As iPhone Apps - 03/29/2010
Future Developers Benefit From New Apprentice Scheme - 03/29/2010
Facebook To Release A “Like” Button For the Whole Darn Internet - 03/26/2010
Making the Switch to Visual Studio 2010 - 03/26/2010
Verizon to Launch V Cast Mobile Application Store March 29 - 03/26/2010
Agile Development and SAP - 03/26/2010
Huge Growth Projected for Web Tech, Software, Systems Job Market - 03/26/2010
Android Builds Extend Corona SDK Beyond iPhone - 03/26/2010
How to Set Up Android Platform Development and Debugging - 03/25/2010
Eclipse Readies Workbench Upgrade - 03/25/2010
Apple Developers, IT Departments Frustrated with iPad - 03/24/2010
Red Hat Delivers New JBoss Tools, SOA Platform at EclipseCon - 03/24/2010
Microsoft Delivers OData SDKs - 03/22/2010
Apple Now Taking Devs' iPad App Store Submissions - 03/22/2010
Google Releases Web Security Scanner - 03/22/2010
Multicore Chips Require OS Rework, Windows Architect Advises - 03/20/2010
Pay to Play: Some iPhone App Sites Demand Money for Reviews - 03/19/2010
Programmers Are Indicted in Madoff Case - 03/18/2010
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