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Devx Daily News Archives : April 2010

Adobe Fires Back at Jobs - 04/30/2010
Messenger Connect: A New API Strategy for Microsoft to Build its Own Social Graph - 04/30/2010
Cloud Adoption Follows a Different Track - 04/30/2010
HP Makes Its Mobile Move, Saves Palm From Collapse; Will Developers Stick? - 04/30/2010
Facebook's 'Like' Button Spreads Across The Internet - 04/30/2010
Android 2.2 to Support Flash - 04/29/2010
Nokia Delivers Qt SDK Beta - 04/29/2010
Apple Sets June Date for WWDC; Will a New iPhone Launch? - 04/29/2010
Top 10 Lightweight Frameworks for PHP Development - 04/28/2010
Enterprise Java Developers Get Force.com Cloud Access - 04/28/2010
How Cloud Computing Security Resembles the Financial Meltdown - 04/27/2010
Five iPhone App Design Mistakes, And How To Fix Them - 04/27/2010
HP Offers Tools For App Modernization - 04/27/2010
White House Gives Back: Drupal Gets New Custom Code - 04/24/2010
Facebook Open Graph: The Definitive Guide - 04/24/2010
Analyst: HTML5 Far From Killing Off Web Plug-Ins - 04/24/2010
Debugging Windows from the Web - 04/22/2010
Delphi Development Offered For Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - 04/21/2010
Adobe Tosses in Flash Towel After Apple Limits iPhone Dev - 04/21/2010
Facebook's Universal Sharing Challenged by Google, Microsoft, Meebo - 04/20/2010
Will Wall Street Require Python? - 04/20/2010
Inside Apple's Huge New Application Development Industry - 04/20/2010
Assuring Enterprise-Quality Agile Development - 04/19/2010
This is What a Tweet Looks Like - 04/19/2010
Python Support in GNOME Gets a Boost From Hackfest - 04/19/2010
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