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AWS Announces a Flood of New Cloud Computing Services

The company is expanding its big data portfolio.


During its Re:Invent conference, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced several new cloud computing services. They included the following:

  • AWS Import/Export Snowball--This unusual data transfer service involves sending the customer a physical appliance that they connect to their network and use to store backup copies of data. Then the customer packs up the appliance and ships the whole thing to Amazon, which then transfers the data to its cloud storage service.
  • Database Migration Service--This service not only replicates your database in the cloud, it can also convert databases from one type to another, for example, from Oracle to MySQL.
  • Kinesis Firehose--As the name suggests, this service streams data directly into S3 with very little processing.
  • QuickSight--This cloud-based tool allows organizations to create visualizations and gather insights from big data stored in Amazon's other services.

Amazon also revealed more information about the size of its cloud computing business. The company now has more than 1 million businesses actively using its services, and it noted that, according to Gartner, AWS has ten times as much computing capacity as the next 14 cloud computing vendors combined.

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