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Chef Unifies Open Source and Commercial Versions

The DevOps automation software also added support for Docker and new high availability options.


Chef has released version 12 of its popular DevOps automation software of the same name. The most noteworthy change in the new release is that the company has combined the open source and commercial version into a single download. The enterprise features, formerly available only with a paid fee, are now free to users with fewer than 25 nodes. “That’s all now come together as a single downloadable thing,” explained Chef CEO Barry Crist. “It’s [all] open source and it ships with premium features that are accessible through an API.” The company says the change will make it easier for enterprises to migrate from one version to another and will simplify the development of Chef.

Chef 12 also adds high-availability options, policy replication, workflow automation for Docker containers and integration with Windows PowerSHell, VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air.

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