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Cloud Sherpas Releases Ferris Python Framework for Google App Engine

The cloud development tool aims to help devs avoid work, much like Ferris Bueller from the movie.


Cloud Sherpas has released Ferris, a new open source Python framework that aims to make it easier to create custom applications for Google App Engine. "What Ferris does is it provides an application framework that prevents the developer from having to do a lot of the redundant work to wire [application components] together," said Tim Lockyear from Cloud Sherpas. Specifically, Lockyear said Ferris would be helpful for creating workflow and business process applications.

Cloud Sherpas has used Ferris for its own projects, including creating an Android -based pickup, ticketing and delivery app for logistics firm Quality Distribution Inc. Cloud Sherpas boasts more than 3,000 clients and more than $100 million in annual revenue.

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