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CoreOS Launches Tectonic Containerization Platform

Tectonic combines Linux, Docker and Google's Kubernetes into a single package.


CoreOS has launched Tectonic, a new containerization platform that unites the company's Docker-centric Linux distribution with Google's Kubernetes for container management and orchestration. The announcement makes CoreOS the first company to release an enterprise version of the open source Kubernetes, but for now, Tectonic is in a limited beta release.

"When we started CoreOS, we set out to build and deliver Google’s infrastructure to everyone else," CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi said. "Today, this goal is becoming a reality with Tectonic, which allows enterprises across the world to securely run containers in a distributed environment, similar to how Google runs their infrastructure internally."

In related news, CoreOS also announced that it has raised an additional $12 million in funding from venture capital firms, including Google Ventures.

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