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Could Pokemon Go Boost Enterprise AR?

The new hit game might have unexpected impacts in the enterprise.


The augmented reality (AR) mobile game Pokemon Go has quickly shot to the top of the charts, becoming a pop culture phenomenon. ZDNet's Larry Dignan argues that the hit game could have impacts outside the mobile development industry and boost the use of AR in the enterprise.

Before Pokemon Go, only 38 percent of enterprises were very familiar with AR, despite efforts by Microsoft to highlight the business uses for the technology. But now that AR is part of a consumer craze, that could change. "Enterprise developers will be able to describe their apps as something akin to Pokemon Go," Dignan writes. "Employees will get it and training costs will come down. Toss in some analytics into the AR environment and suddenly there's a return."

He adds, "Pokemon Go has made placing virtual objects in the real world commonplace and fun. That move will make it easier for enterprises to accelerate AR for visualization, remote training, collaboration and training."

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