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Eclipse Launches Cloud Development Project

More than 65 developers and eight different companies have signed on to create open source tools for cloud development.


The Eclipse Foundation has announced a new top-level project called Eclipse Cloud Development. It will focus on creating open source industry-oriented developer environments; platforms for hosting and connecting developer environments; and tools to extend these platforms. The new project will unite several existing Eclipse cloud computing efforts, including Orion, Flux, Che and Dirigible.

Eight different companies, including Red Hat, IBM, Pivotal, Codenvy and SAP, are participating with the project. "Software development in the cloud is definitely a big part of the future for developer tools and services," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. "This is why we are excited to bring together companies like SAP, Pivotal, IBM and Codenvy to collaborate on creating the building blocks to enable the next generation of software development in the cloud."

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