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Enterprises Forced to Outsource Mobile Development, Reports Say

Gartner and 451 Research report that large companies don't have enough devs on staff to keep up with demand for apps.


Two separate research firms—Gartner and 451 Research—have both released reports which found that enterprises are outsourcing more mobile development tasks because their in-house staff can't keep up with demand. The 451 Research report said, "IT departments are ill-equipped to meet the demand for mobile apps due to budget and resourcing limitations, skills gap, legacy infrastructure, overall technology fragmentation and immature lifecycle workflows. As a result, many companies are looking to external resources to meet business demand for mobile apps."

According to 451 Research, 42 percent of enterprise mobile development is currently being outsourced, and that figure could climb to 65 percent within two years. Gartner's numbers were slightly different, finding that only 26 percent of enterprises handle all their mobile development in-house while 55 percent use a combination of in-house development and outsourcing.

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