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Forrester: 15 Top Emerging Technologies

The analysts say enterprises should capitalize on these trends if they want to stay competitive.


Which new technologies should enterprises be watching or implementing if they want to stay competitive? Forrester analysts Brian Hopkins and Frank Gillett have released a new report that details fifteen different technologies from four different categories that they believe will be the most important for businesses:

  • Emerging business solutions enable new ways of doing business.
    1. Customer analytics solutions
    2. Digital experience solutions
    3. Customer-driven design solutions
    4. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Emerging interaction technologies create news ways to engage customers.
    5. Next-generation connectivity
    6. Wearable technology
    7. Natural user interfaces
  • Emerging aggregation and delivery technologies drive contextual engagement.
    8. Real-time sourcing and delivery technology
    9. Advanced analytics technology
    10. Digital identity management technology
    11. Software acceleration platforms and tools
  • Emerging infrastructure technology creates a powerful and agile foundation.
    12. Advanced silicon devices
    13. Software-defined infrastructure
    14. Cloud integration tools/hybrid architectures
    15. Big data management technology

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