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G.E. to Offer Big Data IoT Platform

The company says it will generate more than a billion dollars from IoT software this year.


G.E. probably isn't the first company most people think of when it comes to big data software, but the company just announced that revenue from its Internet of Things (IoT) analytics software will reach $1.1 billion this year. It added that sensors in its medical equipment, jet engines, wind and gas turbines, and oil and gas equipment now gather 50 million pieces of data every day for analysis by its Predix big data analytics application.

Beginning in 2015, other companies will also be able to use Predix and develop their own applications for the platform. Networking giant Cisco has already said it plans to use Predix in some of its products.

G.E.'s software division employees 1,200 people and plans to hire 100 more before the end of 2014.

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