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Google Adds Device Protection Features to Android 5.1

Industry observers say the updated OS is more enterprise-friendly.


Google has announced that it has added a new security feature called "Device Protection" to Android 5.1. The technology is similar to Apple's Activation Lock, and it will lock down devices unless an authorized user logs in. Importantly, smartphone thieves won't be able to get around the protection by resetting devices to their original factory settings.

This type of protection is important to enterprises who worry about protecting valuable or sensitive data that may be stored on employee devices. Experts say that security features are very important if Google wants to compete with Apple's iOS. Roman Foecki, CEO of security vendor CoSoSys, noted, "In the coming Android versions, we expect to see more security features to be added to Android directly from Google. The company is working hard to increase its footprint in the high margin enterprise market that has become more and more dominated by Apple's iOS."

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