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Google Compute Engine Touts Open Source Cred

The cloud computing platform wants developers to know that it supports a lot of open source technology.


All of the major cloud computing platforms are eager to attract enterprise developers, and Google Compute Engine is no exception. In its latest move in the cloud wars, Google is reminding developers that Compute Engine integrates with a wide variety of open source projects.

"With the recent announcement that Google Compute Engine is now Generally Available, we thought you might also like to know about the many popular open-source solutions for interacting with Google Compute Engine," blogged Google's Eric Johnson. "And now that Compute Engine support is built right into the tool, it makes it that much easier for you to try it out in a known environment."

The list of open source tools that integrate with Compute Engine includes Ruby, Python, Java, PuppetLab's Puppet, Opscode's Chef, AnsibleWorks' Ansible, CoreOS, Docker, Packer and Vagrant.

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