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Google Joins OpenStack Supporters

The only large technology vendors not supporting the open source cloud computing technology are Microsoft and Amazon.


Google has announced that it has joined the OpenStack Foundation as a corporate sponsor. OpenStack is a popular open source cloud computing platform that has gained the support of hundreds of vendors in recent years. The project was first launched by NASA and Rackspace as an alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in the years since IBM, HP and Cisco have also launched OpenStack cloud services. Still, the two biggest names in cloud computing—Microsoft and Amazon—have so far declined to support the project.

In a blog post, Google project manager Craig McLuckie said that the company decided to join OpenStack because of two big trends: hybrid cloud computing and containerization. He noted, "For most [enterprises], hybrid deployments will be the norm, and OpenStack is emerging as a standard for the on-premises component of these deployments."

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