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Google Updates Kubernetes for Greater Scalability

The new release now supports rkt as well as Docker.


Google has released Kubernetes 1.3, an updated version of its open source container orchestration solution. The update is more scalable and robust than previous versions. It also offers support for CoreOS's rkt, as well as Open Container Initiative (OCI) and Container Network Interface (CNI) standards. In addition, it allows users to manage containers that span multiple clusters and multiple cloud computing environments.

“As our users scale their production deployments we’ve heard a clear desire to deploy services across cluster, zone and cloud boundaries,” Google product manager Aparna Sinha said. “We’ve also heard a desire to run more workloads in containers, including stateful services. In this release, we’ve worked hard to address these two problems, while making it easier for new developers and enterprises to use Kubernetes to manage distributed systems at scale.”

Google is also rolling out Kubernetes 1.3 to its Container Engine cloud computing service. According to the company, usage of Container Engine is doubling every 90 days.

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