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HP Releases ALM 12 Suite

The updated development tools feature improved cloud computing and mobile development support.


HP has updated its Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite. The company designed ALM 12 to provide agile development teams with the ability to release applications very quickly. "We're providing customers with the ability to deliver high-performance applications with unprecedented velocity and uncompromising quality – if you increase the speed of delivery it shouldn't see an impact on the quality of the application, because the end user is more and more important," explained HP's Toby Marsden.

Among the capabilities of the new suite are better support for cloud-based testing and mobile app testing. "As you think about the whole dynamic of agile development and projects moving faster, you've got less time to plan for things, to ask your IT department for infrastructure for testing. Now, at the click of a button, you can provision your test environment in the cloud," added Marsden.

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