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IBM Bluemix Adds OpenWhisk IoT Tools

The cloud development tools rely on Docker containers.


IBM's Bluemix cloud development platform is rolling out a new set of tools for developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Called NPM Module and Node-RED, the new tools are part of the OpenWhisk family, which uses Docker containers. The tools are said to enable developers to build IoT applications easily and tap into analytics services without having to worry about the underlying application infrastructure.

"So now developers can just focus on the high-value code, quickly go and create these microservices and our cloud will scale that for them," Mike Gilfix, vice president of Mobile and Process Transformation at IBM, said. "We've seen a lot of developers look into this programming model, but we took a very open approach to it. The key to this kind of programming model is to have a ton of different events that allow you to hang your coat off of."

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