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IBM Expands Cloud Data Services Portfolio

The company is adding to its roster of big data cloud computing tools.


IBM has added 25 new offerings to its Cloud Data Services portfolio. Of particular interest to enterprise application development teams is IBM Compose Enterprise, which helps developers deploy open source databases in cloud computing environments. "It gives a development team the freedom of choice that they're looking for in this modern, polyglot world, while offering the IT organization some level of regularization and standardization around how those database management systems are deployed and how they're scaled," Adam Kocoloski, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Cloud Data Services, said. "What this enterprise-class offering does is allow people to take advantage of that cloud native, multi-tenant environment in a world where they bring their own hardware and provision the platform for their own organization."

Other noteworthy new offerings include IBM Graph, a managed graph database based on Apache TinkerPop; IBM Predictive Analytics, which supports the creation of applications that leverage machine learning for analytics purposes; and IBM Analytics Exchange, a catalog of publicly available data sets.

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