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IBM to Focus on Java, Node.js and Swift

The company says those three languages will be key for cloud computing and mobile development.


IBM believes the future of enterprise application development hinges on three key programming languages: Java, Node.js/JavaScript and Swift. While the company's Bluemix cloud development platform will continue to support a multitude of languages, the company intends to focus on these three as the most strategic.

“At IBM we believe there are really three key languages that are going to be needed for the future around cloud and mobile: Java, Node.js/JavaScript and Swift,” said Phil Buckellew, vice president of Enterprise Mobile for the IBM Software Group. “Those three areas are key. We know we need to be able to process transactional workloads and that’s where Java has a huge history and will remain and continue to be a great language for that purpose. Node.js has tremendous popularity today – JavaScript is the language of the web. And Node has been a very popular way to build APIs for various web back-ends. That’s what IBM’s acquisition of StrongLoop was all about. And we think Swift will appeal to companies that need workloads that are backing many of their mobile apps and it has good properties as a systems language that we think many developers will want to use.”

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