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Interview: Appcelerator's Michael King on HMTL5 vs. Native Development

The mobile development expert says some apps are better created with HTML5, while others really need native capabilities.


The mobile development industry is currently embroiled in a battle between those who think that Web-based applications built with HTML5 technology will eventually prevail and those who believe native applications will continue to dominate. In an interview with Business Insider Michel King from mobile development tool vendor Appcelerator weighed in with the opinion that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Here are some key excerpts from his comments:

  • "Right now, app developers are definitely swinging away from the Web and away from HTML5. They're leaning more toward native apps. And that's because, quite frankly, the HTML5 apps they have built aren't performing and the HTML5 apps they're testing aren't performing."
  • However, "Something like Netflix video consumption isn't very interactive — apps like that are a great place to use HTML5."
  • "It's very much about being able to ask yourself what functions of the app are required to be native and what functions of an app can I render in an HTML5 Web view. Looking at it like that, it does sort of give you an infinite spectrum of possibilities. It's not about locking into a specific functionality and a specific architecture."

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