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Is Devops Bad for Developers?

One developer says the philosophy leads to overwork for developers and fewer positions available for other IT professionals.


Enterprises have rushed to embrace devops, a philosophy that promises to break down barriers between development and operations, promote collaboration and improve quality. But something of a backlash against devops may be beginning.

Software developer and blogger Jeff Knupp writes, "What began as an experiment aimed at increasing software quality has become a farce, where the most talented employees are overworked (while doing less, less useful work) and lower-level positions simply don't exist." He says that developers are spending too much time on tasks other than development and that it's eliminating other kinds of IT jobs.

"Devops as a movement, as a thing, has really lost all meaning. No one can agree on what the term means," he added. "[Devops] been misinterpreted by companies to mean that developers do all the work."

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