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Micro Focus Brings COBOL to Visual Studio 2015

Visual COBOL allows enterprise application development teams to update their legacy apps using Microsoft's latest IDE.


Micro Focus has released an updated version of Visual COBOL for Visual Studio, which makes it possible to edit and write code in the aging programming language with the latest version of Microsoft's IDE. The release includes IntelliSense, smart editing, auto-complete, code analysis and debugging tools, and it also allows developers to create applications that blend Visual COBOL code with .NET and C#.

"Application developers want to leverage the tools they know and trust to quickly deliver added value to the business, not reinvent core business applications that continue to provide foundational, irreplaceable business services," Ed Airey, director of product marketing at Micro Focus, said. "Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2015 is the next generation of COBOL development solutions, designed for today’s application developer to do just that, in a productive and cost-effective way."

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