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Microsoft Releases Mobile Development Tools for Azure and Dynamics CRM

The new tools will make it easier for enterprises to create custom, cloud-based Dynamics CRM apps.


Microsoft has launched two tools that will make it easier for enterprises to create custom apps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that run on the Azure cloud computing service. "I'm very excited to announce the availability of Azure Mobile Apps connector for Dynamics CRM Online and an updated Mobile SDK [software development kit] for Dynamics CRM, enabling our customers and partners to easily create unique mobile CRM experiences—tailored to how businesses and people use it across various industries and roles," Bob Stutz, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, said. "The CRM mobile SDK along with the Azure Mobile Apps connector, helps organizations tailor their mobile CRM solution to fit their unique needs."

The new SDK provides capabilities like offline sync, cross-platform notifications and unified identity management.

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