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Microsoft Unveils PowerApps Development Service

The service promises to allow business users to create apps without writing code.


Microsoft has launched a beta preview of PowerApps (formerly codenamed Project Kratos), a service for creating and sharing mobile, desktop and web apps. The company says that the service will allow business users and developers to write apps that utilize enterprise data, including Office data. It runs on the Azure cloud computing service and integrates with Azure Active Directory, Azure App Service and Azure Media Services.

Bill Staples, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Azure app platform, said the company created PowerApps because "people are using all kinds of devices to get work done, yet a lot of the apps we use haven't been mobilized as quickly in business as they have in the consumer space."

Eventually, Microsoft plans to offer three tiers of PowerApps services: free, standard and enterprise. It has not yet revealed pricing.

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