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Product Managers Now Earn More than Software Engineers, Hired Says

Data scientists are also earning high salaries.


Online job board Hired has released a new study of technology industry salaries, and interestingly, it says that product managers now earn more than software engineers. "Product managers were offered more money than any other tech role," blogged Hired's Jake Standish. "Initial offers in Q2 were $133K on average, which is 2 percent lower than offers in Q1, but still the highest in tech. Interview requests with product managers increased by 8 percent in Q2, so salaries may go up again."

Software engineers are still doing very well. They had more interview requests than any other job role, and the average salary offer was $123,000. Data scientists commanded even higher pay—an average of $127,000.

Geographically, the regions offering the highest salaries were the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Denver, in that order.

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