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Report: 74% of Enterprise Smartphones, 81% Enterprise Tablets Run iOS

Android and Windows are making some inroads in the enterprise mobile market.


A new report from Good Technology finds that while iOS still dominates among enterprise mobile devices, Android and Windows are beginning to increase their market share. According to the company, 72 percent of enterprise smartphones activated during the first quarter of 2015 ran iOS, a 1 percent decrease from the previous quarter. Android enterprise smartphone activations climbed 1 percent to 26 percent, while Windows Phone held steady at 1 percent.

Apple lost more ground in the tablet space, where enterprise iPad activations slipped from 92 percent a year ago to 81 percent in the most recent quarter. Android and Windows both saw tablet activation increase and now have 15 percent and 4 percent of the market, respectively.

The report noted that Android is popular in the technology and energy industries while Windows is popular in retail, entertainment and media.

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