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Report: 76% of Enterprises Planning to Use Hadoop

The new survey contrasts sharply with earlier findings from Gartner.


Hadoop solutions provider AtScale has released the results of a new survey which found that 76 percent of enterprises either already use Hadoop or plan to do so. Most (69 percent) of these enterprises plan to use the open source technology for business intelligence purposes. And 49 percent of those who have already deployed the big data technology say that it has achieved value for them.

This latest report is markedly different from a May 2015 Gartner report which found that only 26 percent of enterprises were "either deploying, piloting, or experimenting with Hadoop." The low numbers in the Gartner report didn't seem to coincide with analyst observations in the field. However, AtScale has a vested interest in making it appear that Hadoop adoption is very large, so the truth might be somewhere in the middle.

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