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Report: 77% of Development Teams Working on IoT Projects for 2015

Eighty-four percent of developers say they will target business markets.


A new report from Embarcadero Technologies finds that 77 percent of development teams surveyed say they will be working on Internet of Things (IoT) projects this year. Only 16 percent of IoT projects will target consumers exclusively, meaning that 84 percent of projects will be aimed at business markets. Nearly half of those surveyed expect their IoT work to have a business impact this year.

"The Internet of Things is becoming a business reality, an enterprise reality," said John Thomas, senior director of application development products for Embarcadero. "It is not just a novel thing for a consumer to interact with. It is about building real business and enterprise solutions around them, and this is the year they are going to be going to the market with it."

IoT also poses challenges for developers, as 76 percent of those surveyed said that IoT will require them to create new user experiences.

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