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Report: Majority of Enterprise Developers Are Not Doing Mobile Development

It seems "mobile first" approaches aren't as widespread as some believed.


A new survey sponsored by Telerik finds that most enterprise developers are working on desktop apps, not mobile apps. Of the 2,200 developers and IT executives surveyed, 51 percent said they are doing no mobile development, and 93 percent said they still focus primarily on desktop apps. Of those who are doing mobile development, 72 percent said they were creating Web or HTML5 apps, compared to only 41 percent building native apps.

The survey also seems to suggest that agile software development methodologies aren't very pervasive. Only 8 percent of those surveyed said they seek customer feedback to determine app strategy.

In addition, the survey questioned developers on their preferred programming language. C# was the top choice used by 81 percent of those surveyed, followed by JavaScript (47 percent) and Java (18 percent).

Eighty percent of those polled use open source code in their projects.

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