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SDN Trend Leads to DevOps Job Openings

Companies need experienced IT personnel with a wide-ranging skill set.


As companies are transitioning to software defined networking (SDN) in their data centers, they are seeking new kinds of workers, say recruiting firms. Specifically, they need people with a wider range of skills who understand programming, networking and business.

Laura McGarrity from IT recruiting firm Mondo explains, "We are seeing clients looking to hire a lot more DevOps people, because they need folks not just with a tactical, technical skillset, but with the ability to collaborate and coordinate business efforts across different departments."

"The kind of expertise you'll look for is no longer a hard-core, specialized programmer who focuses on individual devices and pieces of the network, but someone who can write code or scripts to automate processes and actions," adds Citrix's Steve Shah. "You need programming and scripting expertise, yes, but also folks with the broader business knowledge to see the entire data center topography and where inefficiencies and bottlenecks are happening - DevOps."

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