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Splunk, Amazon Partner on Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics

Hunk will be available through Amazon EMR later this month.


Amazon Web Services and Splunk have announced a new plan to make Splunk's big data analytics capabilities available through Amazon's cloud computing services. More specifically, Hunk, Splunk's analytics tool for Hadoop and NoSQL, will be available through Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) beginning October 28.

"There's a ton of data generated in the cloud, and a great deal of it ends up in S3," Splunk Chief Technology Officer Todd Papaioannou said. "People process that using EMR (Elastic MapReduce). We are now effectively democratizing data science on top of Amazon for the business user. This will unlock huge value in the data in there."

Hunk will be available at an hourly rate, or customers that already have Hunk licenses will be able to use those licenses in Amazon's cloud.

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