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Survey: 78% of Developers Writing Apps for Real-Time Data, Communications

Real-time is particularly important for enterprises involved in mobile development.


A new survey by platform provider Kaazing polled developers to find out how well they were "Meeting the Challenge of an Always-On, Web-connected World." They found that 78 percent of developers surveyed said their organizations were allocating some of their budgets to real-time Web and data communication platforms. The most popular types of real-time apps included monitoring (34 percent), push notifications (33 percent) and collaboration (30 percent).

Real-time was seen as particularly important for enterprise mobile development efforts—17 percent said mobile was the highest priority for their real-time development projects, while 37 percent called it a high priority. As far as mobile platforms go, about 50 percent of those surveyed were targeting iOS, 50 percent were targeting Android and 50 percent were targeting HTML5 (developers could select more than one platform).

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