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Survey: Cost, Complexity, Security Hamper Enterprise Mobile Development

CIOs believe having more mobile apps could improve productivity by 36 percent.


A new survey of CIOs conducted by Mobile Helix emphasizes the difficulty enterprises face in adapting their internal applications for mobile devices. Among those surveyed, 65 percent said development costs made mobile development difficult, while 63 percent said security concerns slowed development and 48 percent had worries about the cost of support and maintenance. Other highlights from the survey included the following:

  • 87 percent said employees want access to more mobile enterprise apps.
  • CIOs believe mobilizing key apps would generate a 36 percent increase in productivity.
  • 71 percent have started mobilizing some apps.
  • On average companies each use about 400 applications.
  • Only 22 percent of enterprise apps can be accessed from smartphones and tablets.
  • 81 percent said mobilizing apps costs too much.
  • 65 percent said the process of mobilizing apps is too complex.

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