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Teradata Launches Cloud for Hadoop

The analytics firm is partnering with Cloudera.


Big data analytics vendor Teradata has announced that it is working with Cloudera on a new cloud computing service called Teradata Cloud for Hadoop. "Teradata Cloud makes it easier to get started and use Hadoop for exploratory analytics," said Teradata's Scott Gnau. "Our cloud offer is ready when you need it and is available with multiple pricing options. We take care of Hadoop monitoring and maintenance so users don't have to muddle through complex technology installation issues, and can focus on actually using Hadoop for business benefit."

"At a time when companies are struggling to understand and harness the value of Hadoop, Teradata is one of the few companies that has the expertise and experience to deploy truly integrated environments for big data analytics," said Ventana Research analyst Tony Cosentino. "The introduction of Teradata Cloud for Hadoop represents the latest important innovation in Teradata's valuable portfolio -- and should be considered as a smart way to explore the power of Hadoop in the cloud for quick time to value."

Teradata Cloud for Hadoop will become available later this year. As part of the deal with Cloudera, Teradata will also resell Cloudera Enterprise products and services.

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