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The Biggest Application Development News of 2012

HTML5, GitHub, Objective-C's rise and RIM's decline all made headlines.


What were the biggest application development stories of 2012? InfoWorld offers a brief overview:

  • The mobile development debate shifted from iOS vs. Android to native vs. the mobile Web.
  • Despite declining satisfaction and a "dislike" from Facebook, HTML5 continued to gain traction.
  • Thanks to the popularity of iOS, Objective-C became the third most popular programming language.
  • App stores became a major application distribution channel.
  • Developers lost interest in RIM as BlackBerry use declined.
  • Venture capitalists at Andreessen Horowitz invested $100 million in GitHub.
  • Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012.
  • More vendors got into the cloud development market with platform as a service releases.

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