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The Rise of 'Low-Code' Development

Speed has become paramount in enterprise application development.


Market research firm Forrester has released a new report titled "New Development Platforms Emerge for Customer-Facing Applications," which documents the trend toward "low-code" development. The company uses the term "low-code" to refer to development platforms that don't require developers to write very much code and that do support agile software development methodologies. According to the report, "the low-code imperative was strongest for teams trying to quickly build apps in response to customer demands and customer needs."

Forrester analyst Clay Richardson noted, “Right now, the low-code platform space is dominated by smaller emerging vendors. However, we expect larger more established players, such as IBM and Pegasystems, to begin positioning new offerings that address this space and will help give the use case even more credibility from an enterprise perspective. We hear the imperative for low-code loud and clear. But they are also trying to balance the speed-vs.-scale challenge. That is the part that we still have to drill deeper into.”

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