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Windows 8.1 Update Offers New Enterprise Features

The OS gets mobile device management, sideloading, enterprise mode for IE 11 and more.


At its Build developer conference, Microsoft announced that it is updating Windows 8.1 with several new features aimed at enterprises. First of all, the company is making it easier to use the operating system with a desktop and mouse, adding back in several features that make it feel more like earlier versions of Windows.

Second, the new OS is embracing mobility by supporting a longer list of mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

In addition, enterprises can opt to pay an extra $100 for a new sideloading feature. It will allow them to install modern apps on users' PCs and tablets without going through the Windows Store.

Microsoft has also recognized that many enterprises have internal apps built for Internet Explorer 8. To make it easier for these businesses to update to the latest operating system, Microsoft has introduced an enterprise mode for IE 11 that will allows these apps to run as intended without developers having to modify them for the new OS and browser.

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