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Xamarin: It's Easier Than You Think to Make .NET Apps Mobile

The company's .Net Mobility Scanner shows how much of the code from enterprise apps could easily run on mobile devices.


Xamarin has released a new .Net Mobility Scanner which it hopes will show enterprises that much of their existing C# code could run on iOS and Android if companies used Xamarin's other tools. “What we have discovered over the last two years is that there are millions of lines of C# code sitting inside companies today that can already run on mobile devices through Xamarin on iOS and Android and people don’t know it,” said Xamarin CEO Nat Friedman. “They don’t know how easy it is for them to take their existing code and take it mobile.”

The company says it is common for apps analyzed with the scanner to by 90 percent compatible with Android and iOS.

Developers can access the free tool at Scan.Xamarin.com.

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