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Yelp Open Sources PaaSTA Cloud Development Platform

The new PaaS is based on Docker and some other key open source tools.


Online review site Yelp is giving away the technology that runs more than 100 of the company's applications. It has open sourced PaaSTA, a platform as a service solution developed internally at Yelp. PaaSTA handles the deployment and management of Docker containers, and it is based in part on Apache Mesos, Marathon and Chronos.

"With PaaSTA, we needed something that was flexible enough to allow developers to make the transition from our legacy platform, and give us room to grow and remain flexible in the long term. PaaSTA is the outcome of this effort," explained Kyle Anderson, a site reliability engineer for Yelp. "We are sharing PaaSTA with the community because we think it’s pretty cool, and we are proud of it! We want others to be able to benefit from what we’ve worked hard to create. We were only able to build such a cool PaaS by standing on the shoulders of some open-source giants."

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