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DevX Gating Test : Page 2

This content is used during the development of the DevX gating experiment

Adobe Flash Catalyst, a new designer-developer collaboration tool, is designed to bridge the gap between design and development. Flash Catalyst allows designers to create a design using the Adobe Creative Suite tools that many designers are already using. Flash Catalyst creates the code in the background that will make the design interactive. The designer can then save the file and pass it on to a developer who adds the logic and backend data sources.

Winnie knows firsthand that Flash Catalyst is a product that fills a need for both designers and developers. Three years ago, hewas an Adobe customer who just finished an automotive Web site project he described as a “painful experience.” At the same time, Adobe announced its project code-named Thermo, which later became Flash Catalyst. It was, Winnie said, exactly what he needed for his automotive Web site project.

Since that time, Flash Catalyst evolved as a solution to help both designers and developers. Designers can use Flash Catalyst to create RIA interfaces without knowing code. Developers can work on data sources and logic without being tied down by design work. Each side can concentrate on what it does best.

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