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Tip: Employing DROP USER in MySQL

Learn to how to properly use the drop user command in MySQL.


As with any database, MySQL provides powerful user management feature. Learn how to remove a user from the database.


However, the catch here is that the user will be dropped immediately, but the current active sessions will be allowed and closed only after the user exits.

To overcome this, we can use our SHOW PROCESSLIST command and combine a KILL action to ensure that the user session is first terminated — and then removed — so that the user does not have any further access to the database.

The SHOW PROCESSLIST will have an output and a column Id. Use the value in the Id column for the KILL — command and the session will be terminated.

For example:

KILL 14435

If we use the DROP USER command post this KILL command, the user will not be connected and will not be able to connect to the database from now on.


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Sridhar M S. is a Java developer from Bangalore, India. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science.
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