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Tip: Object Explorer Details

See how to use the Object Explorer feature in SQL to find a particular stored procedure from a long list of available options.


I hate repetitive tasks. I am not a robot. However, the problem is that there are some tasks that can be quite repetitive or just take too many steps to complete.

Say, for example, you have a huge database with lots of tables and stored procedures. Let's assume further that many objects are named similarly according to their purpose (for example: _up for all the update stored procedures, or _del for all the stored procedures that deletes information).

Now, looking for a certain stored procedure can be tedious and frustrating. Why, because you right click on the Stored Procedures, select Filter, Filter Settings. Enter the filter value you need. This can be done quickly, but if you have to do it numerous times, it can get quite irritating, to say the least.

Solution: Object Explorer Details

Select the Stored Procedure folder.

Click View
Select Object Explorer Details. This displays the Object explorer details listing all the relevant database objects.

To search for something like a stored procedure containing _up, click inside the Search box and type: _up%

This will list all stored procedures starting with _up


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