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Tip: Using IFNULL in MySQL

Check out this MySQL command to handle null effectively in your code.


There are numerous cases in which you get null and are not able to handle it effectively in the code. MySQL has a command that can help you know if the value is null and then you can tell MySQL to return an appropriate value, so that you can process accordingly in the code. This resolves ambiguities at times, and you will be able to write effective code.

SELECT IFNULL(column_name,'returnValue') FROM `database_name`.`table_name`;

Here, there column_name is the column on which the null check is imposed and the returnValue is the data that you want MySQL to return in the case that this column is null. Enjoy this mechanism to handle null effectively in your code.


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Sridhar M S. is a Java developer from Bangalore, India. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science.
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