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Tip: Variable Arguments in Java

Learn more about how to work with variable arguments in Java.


Moving away from the age old way of fixed arguments, Java supports variable arguments. The code sample below illustrates variable arguments.

If the method has multiple arguments, it is mandatory to have only the last argument as the variable argument.

public class UnderstandingVarArgs
   public static void main(String args[])
      UnderstandingVarArgs understandingVarArgs = new UnderstandingVarArgs();
      understandingVarArgs.proceed(5, 6, 7, 4);
      understandingVarArgs.proceed("Hello", " my", " name");
   private void proceed(int... varArg)
      System.out.println("Overloaded int method.");
      System.out.println("No of arguments of type int: " + varArg.length);

   private void proceed(String... varArg)
      System.out.println("Overloaded String method.");
      System.out.println("No of arguments of type String: " + varArg.length);


Expected output:

[root@mypc]# java UnderstandingVarArgs
Overloaded int method.
No of arguments of type int: 4
Overloaded String method.
No of arguments of type String: 3



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Sridhar M S. is a Java developer from Bangalore, India. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science.
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