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Java Copier Frees You from Tedious Coding

Transfer the repetitive copy/paste/edit part of your Java programming from your hands to your computer. With the somusar/tjpp Java copier, you can set yourself free of this tedious work.

ometimes Java classes seem like close relatives who unfortunately don't have the same parent. Their structures and looks are similar, but not so similar that you can derive one from the other. For example, two Java files might share a large part of their structures but significantly differ in details, because they inevitably have different properties.

So when you implement a class that's similar to an existing one, you find yourself copying the old class source to the new file, editing the new source, and modifying class and member names as well as member types in several spots.

The somusar/tjpp product offers a better way. A smart, simple Java copier, somusar/tjpp can take the property list for new class Y and make it like class X.

Editor's Note: The author, Francesco Aliverti-Piuri, is co-founder and manager of SO.MUS.AR, the company that markets somusar/tjpp. We have selected this article for publication because we believe it to have objective technical merit.

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