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Lambda Probe Essentials: The Top 5 Features for Tomcat Administration : Page 3

Get to know Lambda Probe, an open source tool for effective and comprehensive monitoring and administration of the Tomcat application server.

Security Considerations
By default, Lambda Probe is a superuser tool for Tomcat. Its gives you the power not only to stop, uninstall, or install any application on the server but also to perform traumatic system checks and to destroy application objects. Even in the least-privileged user configuration, a Lambda Probe operator can perform potentially intrusive tasks such as session content inspection. With that in mind, I highly recommend that you never install Lambda Probe in a production environment as part of your standard installation. Instead, install it and use it only as part of a meticulously controlled, well-defined monitoring and profiling effort.

Get to Know Your Tomcat Better
I've been running Tomcat on mission-critical systems for years now, and I have come to appreciate the value of Lambda Probe in the most challenging times (e.g., when Tomcat was running out of memory in production for no apparent reason, under heavy loads, users' HTTP requests were appearing as paused on Tomcat, and sessions were being dropped). Based on that experience, I believe that any team that runs Tomcat—either as a standalone install or as part of JBoss—would benefit from Lambda Probe's quick access to information and the time saved in environment inspections. This article reviewed only Lambda Probe's most essential features, but the tool offers many other useful features that can help you detect performance issues and even understand application characteristics and inner workings of Tomcat that would otherwise remain invisible.

Edmon Begoli a software architect with 14 years of professional experience on large commercial and federal software projects. He is a member of the R&D staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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