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Setting Up JBoss Tools for Seam Application Development : Page 3

The Seam Web Framework joins the worlds of JavaServer Faces and EJB 3.0, and JBoss Tools is a suite of Eclipse plugins that make developing Seam applications easy and productive.

Setting Up JBoss Tools
My experiences with installing the JBoss Tools set of plugins were quite different depending on the platform. (See Sidebar 2 to learn about an important Eclipse error caused by the PermGen setting.) On my Windows XP box, downloading the JBoss Tools "All Plugins" bundle worked without a hitch. However, the equivalent Linux version of the bundle was quite a different story. Most of the features failed to register due to errors regarding missing dependencies (see Figure 5).

Figure 5. Failed Default Installation of JBoss Tools Under Ubuntu: Most of the features failed to register under Ubuntu due to errors regarding missing dependencies.

It turned out I had to download the JBoss XDoclet, Struts Tools, Seam Tools, RichFaces VPE Tools, and jBPM Designer plugins individually from the JBoss Tools download site. This is quite surprising considering that JBoss is owned by Red Hat, one of the world's most ardent Linux supporters.

Although it is possible to simply deploy the plugins into the main Eclipse folder, I personally preferred to deploy them into a separate location and then just link them into my main Eclipse installation. I simply created a folder underneath Eclipse called links and added a jbosstools.link file to it with the path to the JBoss plugins installation, for example:

  • File name: /home/jacek/Dev/Java/IDE/eclipse-3.3.1/eclipse/links/jbostools.link
  • jbosstools.link file content: path=/home/jacek/Dev/Java/IDE/JbossTools

To follow this technique yourself, you will need to restart Eclipse with the "-clean" switch in order for it to register the new link.

After completing the JBoss Tools plugins installation, be sure to go to Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration. Expand the first node and verify that all the plugins are registered successfully without any errors.

Author's Note: JBoss/Red Hat offers a commercial distribution of all of its plugins, pre-configured and with support. It is called JBoss Developer Studio and it is available for the very reasonable subscription fee of $99 per year.

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