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New Features in Java EE 6 : Page 4

Get a sneak preview of the new modularity and lightweight features in Java EE 6.


JAX-RS 1.1 and JCDI 1.0

Java EE 6 includes the JAX-RS API, a new inclusion that provides a simple and easy way to create REST-based web services. JAX-RS fully supports REST principles, and provides POJO resources to which developers can add annotations to make them support REST. Due to the nature of HTTP, JAX-RS supports only stateless interactions. Sun provides a reference implementation for JAX-RS codenamed Jersey, which in addition to implementing the JAX-RS specification and providing good support for annotations, provides additional features not included in the specification.

Another notable new inclusion in Java EE 6 is JCDI. JCDI allows developers to bind Java EE components to lifecycle contexts, to inject these components, and to enable them to support loosely coupled communication. Java EE components can also fire and get notified of events with JCDI. The benefit is that different kinds of objects, such as EJB 3 session beans, POJOs, and Java EE resources, can all be injected. JCDI provides a good facility for integrating the web tier and Java EE enterprise services.

Java EE for a Larger Community

Java EE 6 provides many promising features that will truly make enterprise application development simple and easier. Features such as extensibility, profiles, and pruning will open Java EE up to a larger community. EJB 3.1 is more lightweight than its earlier versions and will see more adoption. The changes in Servlet 3.0 will make it more suitable for modern web application development, including AJAX. The concept of JCDI will be really helpful in frameworks like JSF, with the added advantage of support for annotations and AJAX.

Author's Acknowledgements: The author would like to sincerely thank Mr. Subrahmanya VP, ECOM Research Group, E&R, for his ideas, guidance, support, and constant encouragement.

Sangeetha S. works as a technical architect at E-Commerce Research Labs at Infosys Technologies. She has more than 14 years of experience in the design and development of Java and Java EE applications. She has co-authored a book on J2EE Architecture and also has written articles for JavaWorld and java.net.
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