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JDK 7 Reference Card Gets Developers Ready for Java 7

The JDK 7 Reference Card is a single reference guide for all the newly included, enhanced and changed JSRs that make up Java 7 -- everything from NIO.2 to Project Coin -- as well as like lowdown on features like closures.


The Java SE 7 specification (aka JDK 7) has progressed to the Developer Preview milestone, well on its way to the scheduled final version release in the summer of 2011. To provide Java developers with an at-a-glance reference guide of all the essential JDK 7 elements, Developer.com has published the . This helpful reference guide offers JDK 7 information such as:

  • Newly included JSRs (including NIO.2, The Da Vinci Project and Project Coin)
  • Changed JSRs in maintenance reviews (including JAXP, JAXB and JAX-WS)
  • Enhanced JSRs (including JLS and the JVM spec)
  • Smaller enhancements (including GC and concurrency)
  • JSRs deferred to JDK 8 or later (including closures)

All this info and more are condensed into one comprehensive, double-side PDF. DevX members can freely , and those who aren't members need only complete a free registration to get the reference card.

Download the JDK 7 Reference Card from Developer.com:

Glen Kunene is the Managing Editor for DevX.
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