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GigaSpaces XAP: The Java PaaS with .NET Support : Page 2

GigaSpaces XAP employs a POJO-based programming model as part of its core.


GigaSpaces Cross-Language Support and Interoperability

Although the core Space runtime is implemented in Java, the IMDG also supports .NET and C++ out- of-the-box. This enables developers to access The Space from multiple environments and from any language with Java, C++, or .NET integrations. Developers can even run .NET and C++ code within the Space, utilizing the data grid's compute resources and co-location with the data.

Another important aspect of this capability is the interoperability between languages. One client can write an object in C++, another can read it in .NET, and another can update it in Java. The IMDG supports interoperability between all primitive types, primitive wrappers, collections (Lists, Maps) and even custom user-defined classes. This interoperability enables developers to integrate various applications or access the same application from various environments.

The GigaSpaces Enterprise Cloud Feature List

GigaSpaces PaaS provides features for enterprises to deploy their production applications on the cloud. Notable benefits include:

  • Multi-tenancy, auto scaling, data grid, messaging and grid processing services with enterprise-grade security
  • Technology automatically scales up at peak load times and scales back down when the load decreases
  • Automatic failover and self-healing of failed services
  • Ability to create, save, and deploy customer server images
  • Fully tested and optimized GoGrid images for GigaSpaces XAP
  • Reduced ramp-up time for a broad range of applications

The solution reduces the investment required to migrate and set up applications on the cloud, allowing developers to use the cloud for standard Web apps as well as mission-critical enterprise apps.

Herman Mehling has written about IT for 25 years. He has written hundreds of articles for leading computer publications and websites.
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